Governing Board

(The Governing Board was assembled after the elections of the Institutes General Assembly on the 09/05/2022)

Dr. G. Martinopoulos Chairman International Hellenic University
Emer. Prof. G. Tsilingiridis A’ Vice Chairman Aristotle University
Prof. A. Tsikaloudaki Β΄Vice Chairman Aristotle University
Assist. Prof. G. Panaras Gen. Secretary University of Western Macedonia
Dr. E. Kyriaki Treasurer Aristotle University
Dr. E. Giama Member Aristotle University
Assoc. Prof. T. Theodosiou Member Aristotle University
Assoc. Prof. D. Misirlis Member International Hellenic University
Dr. D. Bozis Member Mechanical Engineer
Prof. A. Papadopoulos Member Aristotle University
Assoc. Prof. K. Papakostas Member Aristotle University
Dr. I. Theodoridou Member Architect

 Auditing Committee

V. Kikidou Mechanical Engineer, MSc
A. Ikonomopoulos Mechanical Engineer, MSc

For further information regarding the IST you can contact the institute’s secretary with one of the following ways:

Tel: (+30) 2310 996081, 996084

fax: (+30) 2310 996087


Post Address:

Institute of Solar Technology,
Aristotele University of Thessaloniki,
POB 487, 541 24 Thessaloniki